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Cotswold Youth Network

The Cotswold Youth Network has been going for approximately three years and in this time the network has:

  • Consulted widely with children & young people and those working with them and sharing this with stakeholders

  • Piloted inclusion projects to meet the needs of young people with disabilities

  • Co-ordinated a mix of youth & play provision across the district including; - Summer off the Streets, (free & low-cost summer holiday provision including workshops, play day events, skateboarding & scooter tournaments), Youth mentoring programmes, weekly youth work sessions, Princes Trust volunteer programmes, wide range of youth sports provision, specific inclusion and disability support, youth training and work experience opportunities

  • Audited youth & play provision in the Cotswolds

  • Developed an email list of over two hundred individuals & organisations

  • Set up a virtual online network called Base camp with sixty-one members

  • Run partnership meetings - on average three a year with approximately twenty attendees

  • Shared information, advice & guidance


Recently the CYN has been successful with a bid to the Community Lottery Fund.

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